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Why Choose Choice Fabricators?

we’re more than just a metal stamping company


With a wide range of capabilities, stamped parts delivered in custom packaging, and a focus on customer care, CFI is more than a metal stamping company. We’re a full service production partner.


No More delays

Managing multiple vendors and uncertain shipping times can cause manufacturing interruptions. Choice Fabricators Inc.’s US-located facility has a wide breadth of stamping capabilities, value-added services, and customer care focused on making sure you can maintain continuous plant production.

with CFI, you get:

A Reliable Partner

Customer success specialists work with you to provide value-engineered solutions.

Consistent Quality Parts

Robust quality control system with technology-assisted accuracy checks.

Maximized Profits

Lean production processes and in-house added services reduce inefficiencies and profit loss.

Keep costs low and production efficient with a full array of options

Superior Customer Service

Customer success specialists help you optimize value and meet your production goals, providing ongoing support.

Centrally located for fast shipping

Our production facility is located in the US, allowing us to provide you with the fastest shipping options available.

Custom solutions to meet your needs

We work with you to lower overall costs by providing services that streamline your production processes.

Capacity to handle any size job

With a breadth of production capabilities from 100-1100 tons, we handle high and low volume orders of parts in a wide range of sizes.


Robust Quality Assurance Systems ensure high production rates while maintaining PPM numbers that exceed customer expectations.

A History of Success

We’ve forged successful partnerships with leaders in the appliance, automotive, and HVAC industries.

Join the team

Want to be part of our respected team of production professionals? Apply today!

Streamline your production
With CFI

Ready to simplify workflow and lower overall costs? Schedule a visit to see our facility and speak with a customer success specialist today.