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Industries we serve

Committed to consistent, quality parts every time 

Choice Fabricators, Inc. provides precision metal stamping, custom assembly, advanced painting services, and more to the automotive, appliance and HVAC industries.

A broad range of capabilities for a Variety of Industry partners

No matter your industry, we get to know your product as well as you do.


CFI supplies parts to leaders in the appliance industry with our broad range of manufacturing capabilities and efficiency-maximizing technologies.


Value-added services allow CFI to provide consistently high-quality parts, delivered quickly to keep production moving in the demanding heating and cooling industry.


CFI serves the auto industry with the fast domestic delivery and in-house painting services that keep them ahead of the curve in a rapidly developing industry.

Other Industries

CFI has diverse manufacturing capabilities that allow us to provide parts for a variety of different industries and purposes. Contact us with any inquiries regarding needs for parts in other industries.

Your Success is our focus

CFI is committed to being the precision metal stamping partner you can rely on.