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Engineered Solutions designed to meet your needs

We offer a wide range of production capabilities, and metal stamped parts delivered with expedience; at Choice Fabricators Inc., your efficiency is our priority.

A complete Offering, With Complete Customization Options

CFI has a large selection of services and a wide breadth of stamping equipment under one roof to streamline your production and keep costs low. Our variety of capabilities allow us to create highly customized metal stamped parts, and fill high and low volume orders with speed and accuracy.


Progressive, transfer, manual or robotic capabilities range from 100 to 1100 tons.


Basic rocker arm welding and specialty welding are available to fill custom needs.

Assembly, Packaging and Shipping

Custom packaging and assembly ensure parts arrive complete and ready for the line.


We offer e-coating and powder coating for a fully finished part.

Quality Control Systems

Rigorous quality control standards exceed customer expectations.

Simplify Ordering and Lower Costs

Cut out waste and lower overall costs with complete metal stamped parts from CFI.